Gay and Lesbian Couples Counseling

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Relationship problems can touch every aspect of your daily life. Struggles and conflict between partners can make even minor issues difficult to work through. As a gay or lesbian couple, you may be wondering where you can turn for help.  Read on to learn more about how gay and lesbian couples counseling can support your relationship.

Respectful Accepting Environment For Your Needs

If you are considering therapy for any reason, you need the fewest possible roadblocks between you and the right therapist. While it can take a little time to get the right fit, same-sex couples can be a challenging issue for some therapists. It’s much easier to get connected with a therapist who understands the complexities of living in a hetero world.

Image of Lesbian Couple


What You Want For Your Future Together

Relationship conflict can easily claim your full attention. As you struggle with the issue at hand, you may have trouble seeing past the present moment. When we work together in therapy, we’ll look beyond the immediate problem and visualize a better relationship. As a third party, I’ll be an objective observer to help you clarify your vision as a couple. While I’ll guide you and provide input, it will be your joint vision in the end.

Perhaps it’s what you saw in each other when you first met. Maybe you’ve had a rough start and you want to get on a better path together. Whatever the situation is, you’ll need to get an idea of what things will look like when things are better. We’ll collaborate to get that picture clearly in front of us.

Gently Exploring The Past To Help The Current Moment

Your personal history is a treasure trove of meaningful information. When it seems to fit, we’ll take a look at how situations in your past connect to problems in the present moment. Often these kinds of gentle explorations can help you gain a great deal of insight about your current struggles.

Relationship problems can sometimes come from our own rigid ideas or interpretations. Anything that helps a person have a more flexible viewpoint or perception is helpful, especially with relationship problems. Sometimes just stepping out of the current moment can help people get unstuck from bad patterns. And when you get unstuck, you can more easily find hope for a strong and fulfilling relationship.

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